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Africa Photographic Safari l Africa Photography Tours:- Africa Photographic Safari focuses exclusively on photographic safaris to Africa and takes you only to the most photo-productive destinations. In our Africa Photographic Safari, We take small groups where each photographer is guaranteed a full row of seats in the safari vehicle. Our Africa Photographic Safari Guides pay full attention to photographic details and the needs of both serious and amateur nature photographers. Photographic Safari in Africa is one of the best ways where you can view the wildlife in its natural habitat. Shooting at the sunset at the African Photographic Safari is a magical experience.

The natural light and color of the sky give an extra dimension to photography. The African Wildlife Safari on the backdrop of setting sun provides scintillating frames. The bird in the sky, animals roaming the plains or resting are a sight not to be missed. If you want to capture the wilderness of African Photographic Safari with all its glory then taking an Africa Safari is the destination for you. Africa has all the elements in it, which makes it one of the best Photographic Safari destinations.

Africa Photography Tours

East Africa Photographic Tours, Photography Tours goes to the world’s most wonderful places – without the crowds! Discover our small-group, luxury photography tours to the most extraordinary wildlife, landscape and cultural experiences on Earth. We work with a number of photography tour outfitters and specialist lodges to bring you the best available environment for photography in Africa. Our photography tours generally cater for small groups and are conducted with a professional tour guide, guaranteeing individualized attention and on-going instructions. Our Photo Tours are designed to meet your every need. East Africa Photographic Tours and photo safaris include a mixture of wildlife, landscape and people.

Catering for different skill levels, from the enthusiastic amateur to the seasoned professional, Africa plays host to dramatic landscapes, incredible wildlife and exceptional scenery. This is the destination should you want to capture that award winning image. Our photography tours generally cater for small groups and are conducted with a professional grade guide, guaranteeing individualized attention and on-going instructions. Many of the itineraries will also include pre/post excursion briefing and image editing. Whether you’re a novice or a professional photographer, Africa will delight. African Photographic Safaris are the best wildlife photography which lets you explore the wild animals in their natural habitat. It is once in a lifetime experience that every photographer wants to experience. African Safari lets you get involved in their untamed world which is surrounded by the drama and charm of the planet’s greatest theater. Where every angle is unique and each moment personalized. Photographic Safari is one of the best ways to preserve your memories.

Africa Photographic Safari

Photographic Safari / Wildlife photography requires patience, preparation, dedication and a guide that understands how to get you into the right position for that perfect capture. You also need lots of space and equipment to move in your vehicle.

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If you enjoy wildlife photography, there are a few things that you should consider before making the investment in your next safari adventure in Africa.

It’s important that your guide is dedicated to photography and understands the technical aspects of taking a good wildlife photo. Vehicle positioning, for instance, is essential as it ensures the best angle for you and your camera in any given situation. The guide also needs to be committed to waking up early and staying out late in order to maximize times for great light and movement of wildlife. It’s also essential that the safari vehicle has sufficient space, as operating bulky equipment in a car full of other guests can get awkward.

Private guided safaris ensure that all these matters are taken care of, allowing you to focus on enjoying the creative aspects of your trip. On photographic safaris, destinations are chosen with photography in mind and your itinerary will consider all the best times to be out and enjoying the wilderness. Photographic camps have the necessary editing, charging and storage facilities for your photos so you need not worry about bringing laptops, extra batteries and other bulky and expensive equipment.

We focus exclusively on African photo safaris, taking you only to the most photo-productive destinations. Be part of a small group photo safari atmosphere where each wildlife photographer is guaranteed a FULL ROW of seats in the safari vehicle. We pay full attention to photographic aspects of a photo safari and the specific needs of both serious and amateur wildlife photographers. If you prefer small groups and are serious about your wildlife photography, then our photo safaris are right for you.

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