Kenya Bird Watching Safari

Kenya Bird Watching Safari, Kenya Birding Safaris will offer Bird Watching in Kenya, Birding Tours in East Africa, Ornithology in Kenya. bird watching in Kenya covering the major areas including Mt Kenya, the rift valley lakes, Kakamega Forest and Masai Mara. Our birding safaris can be enjoyed by any kind of birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiast.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari:-From the world’s biggest bird, the Ostrich, to spectacular flamingos that congregate in their millions at the various Lakes of the Great Rift Valley and camouflage them in pink, Kenya holds some remarkable birding sights that you have to see them to believe. With eleven percent of the world’s species – some 1089 different varieties, Kenya Bird Watching Safari is one of the best in the world.  It is not unusual for birding trips to record 300-600 different varieties on a short trip or to record more than 120 at a particular site on a single day!  Kenya has over 1,000 species of birds and is a paradise for birdwatchers that will have the added bonus of also seeing the big game animals for which Kenya is famous for.

On Kenya Bird Watching Safari, you can expect to identify at least 200 different species of birds. Kenya has one of the richest avifauna’s in Africa with around 1090 bird species recorded. At least eight of these are national endemics. Around 170 species of Kenya’s birds species are Palearctic migrants (11 species of them with a local breeding population too), mainly from Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Siberia. Another 60 species migrate regularly within the Afrotropics or from Madagascar. Some 335 species are found in forest; 230 species are entirely forest dependent. The variety of birds in Kenya is made possible by the favorable climate, diverse habitats and geographical features that make it a suitable migratory route for birds. Even without venturing outside Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, more than 600 resident and migratory bird species are found; more than in any other capital city, and more than in most countries.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari

We offer Kenya Bird Watching safari especially for birdwatchers and are escorted by expert guide. Kenya offers birding enthusiasts a unique experience, our bird watching safaris, we incorporate a variety of rich habitats and you can expect some unrivalled birding and wildlife experiences in Kenya and the neighboring countries. We provide great Kenya Bird Watching Safari tour packages with our own best professional guides. Kenya has the highest species concentrations of birds on the continent and some of the most beautiful and wild birding destinations to get your ticks!, Africa is most prized birding spot but Kenya boost with the best birding cites.

The 1089 winged, feathered inhabitants and migratory visitors of Kenya will delight and engage you in a world of entertaining antics, melodious songs and spell-binding aerial acrobatics. We take you into the world of Kenya’s avi-fauna! See first-hand the gangly gait of ostriches, the daredevil hunting skills of African fish eagles and the carpets of rose-colored flamingoes that cover many of Kenya’s terrestrial and aquatic wildernesses. Kenya Bird Watching Safari sites offer an abundance of birdie species, ranging from 200 and 600+ at any given location. You see common, rare, endangered, threatened and vulnerable species in almost every type of setting – forests, lakes, grasslands, rivers, woodlands, swamps and much more! Finding these smaller creatures amidst the vast and expansive landscapes of Kenya is a real treat for safari goers of all ages and experience levels! Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is located just a short distance from the Kenyan coast near Watamu and Malindi, so bird lovers can spend their mornings walking along white sand beaches and their afternoons exploring the dense forest for birdlife.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari

The forest offers a phenomenal ornithological safari in Kenya. Birding International notes the forest as the second most important of all of Africa’s forest for avi-fauna conservation. Of the over 230 recorded species, nine are considered globally threatened, including the black and yellow clarke’s weaver, sokoke scops-owl and the multi-colored east coast akalat, to name only some of the endangered species in the forest. Common species include eastern green tinkerbirds, scaly babbler, green-headed orioles, violet-breasted and mouse-colored sunbirds and many, many more. North of Mount Kilimanjaro is Amboseli National Park that is surrounded by a few private conservancies. These areas serve to extend the protection of the habitats, so avi-fauna have plenty of space for feeding and nesting. The variety of birdlife is attracted to the many micro-ecosystems in the park that include swamps, woodlands, thickets, plains and several others. After your adventurous game driving tour of Amboseli, birdwatching by nature-walking is a wonderful way to unwind. More than 425 species have been recorded, including white-breasted white-eyes, taita fiscals, eastern yellow-billed hornbills, straw-tailed whydahs, banded warblers, to name a few, as well as 40 raptors – perhaps more.

Kenya is one of only 15 countries globally where more than 1,000 bird species have been recorded, and it lies third on the African avian diversity list after DR Congo and Tanzania. This list includes the world’s two largest birds (common and Somali ostrich, now regarded as separate species) and its bulkiest flying creature (Kori bustard), along with a wealth of raptors and a dazzling array of colourful bee-eaters, turacos, parrots, rollers and passerines.

Kenya Bird Watching Safari

Birdwatching is rewarding everywhere in Kenya. For dedicated birdwatchers, a well-planned two-week itinerary is likely to result in a trip list of 350–400 species, a figure that compares favorably with anywhere in the world. Our Kenya Bird Watching Safari itinerary includes a variety of habitats to see the widest range of species and goes to Conservancy, Amboseli National Park, and Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara, kakamega forest, Mount Kenya region, lake baringo, lake bogoria, lake nakuru, Lake Naivasha and many more sites. Amboseli has marshes and swampy areas, the rift valley lakes have a wealth of waders and pelicans and the Mara has a huge variety of raptors and species found on the open savannah plains and in the riverine forests. Our birding safaris / tours are designed to offer you the best of bird watching in Kenya while ensuring you have a relaxing safari holiday where you can watch other wildlife and enjoy the beautiful holiday spots in Kenya. Please feel free to contact us for more information on birding safaris in Kenya.

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