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Uganda Tour Safaris Highlights include the 400 mountain gorillas in Bwindi, 10 National Parks, over 1000 bird species, 330 mammals and different primate species. On your Uganda Tour Safaris, you will get chance to meet friendly people with different cultures. The pearl of Africa has variety of cultures with each having different and unique language, dress codes, traditional practices, songs as well as cultural dances. With adventure, Uganda’s industry is growing day by day, this includes; white water rafting done on source of River Nile’s high rapids, bungee jumping, wildlife viewing on several game drives, visits to water falls, cultural visits, mountain climbing, boat cruises, guided nature walks, forest walks and bird watching carried out in all the national parks. Exploring the source of Nile is another reason for you to visit Uganda; Uganda is home to true source of Nile the longest river with in Africa.

Uganda Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla trekking/ Gorilla tracking; this is the main highlight of Uganda adventure safaris. It’s also the main reason why people travel from their home countries to Uganda. You engage in gorilla tracking for 60 minutes as you take pictures and observing their way of life within the forest, the silverback gorilla taking care of its family. These mountain gorillas share their 95% of their DNA with that of the humans, which makes them a must see attraction on any Uganda safari. You can see the gorillas of Africa, in Virunga National Park, Bwindi and Volcanoes National Park.

Gorilla tracking is a thrilling experience to any guests who comes for Uganda safaris. Tracking these primates in the Virunga gives them a chance to survive since they get to be conserved through the incomes collected from the gorilla permits sold. These are just 700 of these individuals remaining in the whole world and Bwindi impenetrable National parks harbors 340 individuals. Conservation of these primates was mainly done by Dian Fossey who was a great primatologist and gave in her time to care for the mountain gorillas in Rwanda. The Dian Fossey Foundation has also done great work of conserving these species and encouraging the participation of the local people in the conservation of wildlife in the game reserves.

Uganda Safari Holiday

Uganda is one of the best safari destinations in Africa, the home to the mountain gorillas as well as the source of the Nile. Recently featured a top destination in National Geographic and Lonely Planet, Uganda safari tours cover more than 10 separate destinations. Every day here is genuinely an African Adventure. Visit the 400 mountain gorillas in Bwindi in what is termed as the gorilla trekking experience, climb the ice capped Rwenzori mountains, take on a chimpanzee tracking tour, enjoy white water rafting on the Nile, see the Murchison falls and so much more as you observe Uganda’s scenic wonders- savannahs, wildlife, lakes and rivers; and also personally interact with the local people of Uganda! The options are endless! You will almost see all the animals you find in neighboring Tanzania and Kenya, the difference is, Uganda is not a crowded destination! A perfect way to spy on the animals!

Gratifying Uganda Travel Experiences

We deliver gratifying travel experiences to our clients in and out of Uganda. We offer fully personalized and affordable tour packages delivered with impeccable service. We are extremely passionate about local tourism. For packages ranging from majestic mountain gorilla safaris, tours and safaris around Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Congo and Tanzania, your travel satisfaction will be met.

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